Best Android Launchers (2021)

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Reviews of the best Android launchers as we hit 2021, from classics like Nova and Microsoft Launcher to new (and free) downloads like Ratio. These are my favourites available right now on the Google Play Store, and while most cost nothing, some charge a small fee to unlock all of the premium features.

We start with the still peerless Nova (in full Prime glory), which remains one of the greatest options ever. Hyperion also offers a near stock Android 11 vibe, but with seriously impressive personalised options under the surface.

Ratio is one of the new kids on the block, with a streamlined approach similar to Niagara and KISS. Android is unrecognisable with any of those on board, great for keeping yourself focused.

Poco Launcher 2.0 is a light and fast launcher which proves perfect for less capable phones, while Lawnchair has lots to love. Meanwhile fans of BlackBerry and Microsoft are well catered for with the manufacturers’ excellent Google Play offerings. Speaking of which, Windows Phone fans should definitely check out Square Home, which replicates that slick tile-based desktop.

The full list of all included Android launchers in my best of 2021 round-up is right here:

Poco 2.0
Big Launcher
Action Launcher (Pixel Edition)
Customized Pixel Launcher
BlackBerry Launcher
Microsoft Launcher v6
Square Home
Before Launcher
Smart Launcher 5

Let me know your own favourites below!

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