English Vocabulary – OFFICE

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Learn Office vocabulary in English with pictures. Improve your vocabulary, learn Office Supplies vocabulary, Stationery Items vocabulary and Office vocabulary words pronounced in British English. English learning video for beginners and kids, also suitable for all English Learners and students to learn english, how to speak English with a British accent and build vocabulary.

In this English vocabulary video learn office vocabulary, office items vocabulary, office objects vocabulary, names of office tools, names of office items, desk vocabulary and office supplies vocabulary used in business, school and in every day life with British English pronunciation.

Learn how to pronounce office words, office tools vocabulary, desk vocabulary, office vocabulary names, names of stationery items and how to say office supplies vocabulary words and how to pronounce different types of office supplies names.

Common list of stationery vocabulary and list of stationery items with basic English vocabulary words for different types of office tools and types of office supplies.

JOIN IN and repeat each word to help improve your English pronunciation and expand your English vocabulary.

Office vocabulary in English
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