Ocean Digital WR-23D WiFi FM DAB DAB+ Portable Radio Review

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The Ocean Digital WR-23D features FM with RDS, DAB, DAB+, and WiFi. This takes portable radio listening to the next level! A gorgeous 2.4″ TFT Color Display, no frills enclosure, rechargeable, Internet Radio, and Easy Controls makes this a Winner.

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Features I like about this Radio:
Great FM Reception.
Headphone Audio is Spectacular.
Robust EQ mode to help Sculpt the Sound.
Internet Radio, Thousands of Stations to Explore around the Globe.
Speaker Audio is Fabulous.
TFT Display has Bright Colors and is Easy to Read.
DAB, and DAB Plus Support.
Simple, Matte Enclosure. I love this.
Rechargeable Battery.
Can Charge Battery and Use the Radio at the Same Time.
Ninety Nine Presets.
RDS and Stereo on FM. Almost Every Station I found had this.
Compact Size.
Easy to Use Controls.
Media Center, Connect to Media Servers.
Phone App, and PC compatible.
Updates Available through Menu.

Features that could be added or improved on:
An easily replaceable battery.

Overall, I am very impressed with this radio and it gets a huge thumbs up from me. If you love the idea of having a portable internet radio with a dedicated FM receiver then this radio should be on the top of your list. Now I’m off to listen to some Old Time Radio shows 🙂

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